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DIY Tissue Paper Flowers


Today I’ll be making some tissue paper flowers, I’ll be making these for another blog that you will see very very soon!


You will need:

  • Colourful Tissue paper
  • String
  • Scissors



  1. Take 5 or 6 squares of tissue paper one on top of the other and fold them together in a zig zag/ back and forth way.
  2. Take a piece of string or thread and tie it in the centre to secure the tissue paper. Using the scissors round of both ends of the tissue paper strip.
  3. Then fan out the tissue paper slightly and start gently pulling the layers upwards towards the centre until it starts to resemble a flower. Be careful at this point because the tissue paper rips so easily.
  4. Do this with lots of different coloured tissue paper.

Tissue paper Flowers

The flowers were a super cute idea. They could be put together to make someone a tissue paper bouquet of flowers or the could be used the way i have because they fit in perfectly for  another blog that I’ll be using them for, hopefully I’ll have that all set and ready to post next time for you.

Hope you enjoyed this, see you then




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