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DIY Aquarium Jar


So ive been wanting to make one of these jars for months, I have no idea why it has taken me so long but I bought the items I needed and finally made it!


You will need:

  • Stones (blue and white)
  • Jar with a lid
  • Fake grass
  • Clay shells and starfish (from the previous blog)
  • Glue gun



  1. Start by putting some stones into the jar filling it up about a quarter of the way.
  2. Using the glue gun, glue a few pieces of the fake grass to make a little bunch and then add it into the jar. You might need to use tweezers to help with this.
  3. Take the shells, coral, and starfish made from the last blog and put them into the jar. I had to glue the starfish into place.
  4. Add in a few more stones to fill in any gaps.

Aquarium jar


There we have it! I absolutely love these jars, they look so cute and I’m not gonna lie I really like the starfish.

Hope you all like this, I’ll see you next time




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