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Paper Butterfly


I found a tutorial of these paper butterflies and I just fell in love with them, they are so cute and I just had to make a few.

I will try and talk through the tutorial but just in case my instructions are awful and completely unable to understand here is the link to the video tutorial for you:


You need:

  • Paper square ( I used a 15cm2 sheet)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon/string



  1. Fold your square of paper in half and then cut across the fold line.
  2. Fold the one half of the paper in half from top to bottom. As shown in the picture fold in the corners to the middle line. Going in roughly a cm from the fold line, fold the paper over. Then going in another cm fold it back in the other direction (I know these aren’t the best instructions but the best way I can describe it is when i used to make a paper fan by folding the paper back and forward). Do that for both sides and once you’re finished fold it in half as shown to make the top wings.
  3. With the other half of the square of paper, fold it in half short end to short end. Do the same again with this just without folding the corners in. then once you have finished that fold it in half to represent the bottom wings.
  4. To join the two halves together tie them in the centre with either ribbon or string. You can always use a longer piece of string and hang them from the ceiling.


These are pretty easy to make (even though it might not seem like it with my instructions). But you should definitely give it a go because they’re super cute.

Hope you enjoyed this, see you next time!



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