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String Art #2


Before i start off this blog i just want to say I finally made a logo for My blog! its only been almost a year since i made the blog but it is done and i’m loving it. I made it on my tablet and drew it all, what do you guys think about it here it is!


If you’ve been a follower for a while you will notice that this is not my first string art post, the last one I made said Dream Big but this time I decided to just do a little paw print.

If you haven’t seen the first one I made and you want to then I’ll link that here for you 


You need:

  • Cardboard Square (whatever size you like)
  • Small oval head nails
  • Coloured thread
  • Acrylic paint (for decoration)
  • Glue gun and sticks (to secure the nails)




  1. Draw out your image you want, in my case it was a little paw print, either on paper or straight onto your cardboard square. I prefer drawing on paper first because i guess I’m a little bit of a perfectionist.
  2. Cut out the inside of the paw print and secure it onto the cardboard, I just used blue tac to hold it into place while I put the pins in.
  3. Go around the outline with the pins leaving a little gap in between them. Once you’re happy with that flip the cardboard round and add a little glue around the nails to hold them into place.
  4. Next the fun part! Choose your colours and make a start with the string. All you want to do is tie the string around a nail to start it off and then start wrapping it around all the other nails filling in all the spaces of the string. Once you are done just tie it to another nail to secure it. I decided to do multi-coloured strings but it is completely up to you what you use.
  5. Lastly I had some scrap cardboard laying about so I stuck it onto the cardboard square as a frame and painted it red, this is also optional but I feel like it gives a really good finishing look to it.

Paw print

So there we have it String art number 2, I love making these so much so I will most likely be doing more in the future.

Hope you all enjoyed this, see you next time!




12 thoughts on “String Art #2

  1. Your new logo is so pretty! String art looks amazing! I don’t have any of the tools to make it but I would be proud of it if I did as it looks like so much work goes into it. Great post! 😄💗

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