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DIY Make up organiser 

Well this is a DIY that is well overdue. I was never really a big make up person until recently, thanks to my friend. Anyway I’m running out of space in my makeup bags so I decided this was the perfect DIY for me to make!

You will need: 

– Cardboard (sheets and tubes)

– Glue gun

– Pencil

– Ruler

– Scalpel

– Paint (Colours of your choice)

1. Planning is the most important part of this. First thing to do is sit all your makeup in front you and get measurements and a design drawn up.

2. Onto your card board sheets draw on the measurements of your organiser and cut them all out. My organiser had one large box at the back for any of my eyeshadow pallets, two side boxes for my bronzer/blushes and foundations, then 4 small tubes at the front for eye pencils, lip pencils, lip sticks/glosses, and then brushes too. Of course yours may differ depending on your make up collection.

3. Once you have everything cut out you can glue them together to build your sections. I recommend that before sticking all the sections together that you paint everything first in whatever colour you prefer, I went with a metallic purple on the outside and black on the inside. I absolutely love this purple colour so I had to use it!

4. Then lastly stick together all the sections and when they are dry put all your make up inside it.

There we have it, it was pretty easy to make this it really one took me a few hours minus the time waiting for the paint to dry. This will probably be my most useful DIY because my makeup shelf was getting out of control.

Hope you all enjoyed this and I’ll see you next time,



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