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Fashion Show


I thought I would post this as a little extra, last weekend me and my friend went to our friends fashion show for her end of uni Showcase!

So I’ll just be using this to show you all how amazing Savanagh’s work is. Here are  some pictures of her designs on the catwalk, how good are they!


If any of you are interested in Fashion design at all and want to check out a few of my friends Instagram then I’ll leave their links below. My friends Natasha and Savanagh are both super talented designers so you should 100% check them both out! Savanagh has pictures from her designs features in the showcase if you want to see more, and Natasha is running a project for herself where she has been designing a gender-bend series which has been so cool! My favourite is probably her Hades (from Hercules) Dress.


Savanagh: @savanaghlouisefashion

Natasha: @rosedelalune_designs

here is a little preview of both of their pages



Hope you all enjoyed this little extra post, I’ll see you next week !



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