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Mums Birthday cake

I was going to do this as a DIY but then with the amount of time it was taking me and my sister to make it we just wanted put all of our attention into decorating. I’ll still be sharing the cake with you and if you’re interested I can maybe make something similar in the future for you!

So I’ll start with the surprise part of the cake which is the middle of it. I’ve seen the checker board cakes before so I really wanted to try it but not the usual kind so I decided to go with a Red/pink colour with yellow!

Once the cakes were stacked and covered in buttercream it had to go in the fridge for a bit so we started on the icing. We decided to do a blue, purple and white marbled roll out icing by splitting the white into three sections and then coloured them with food colouring. Which we rolled out and placed over the cake, it looked pretty cool. We also tried a buttercream flowers which worked out really well!

So this is the cake all finished and decorated then I’ll put a photo of it cut open too so you can see how the checker board turned out.

Birthday cake


Hope you liked this blog and if you’re interested I could maybe do another blog that I make a checker board cake to show you how I done it.

See you next time,



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