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Making a dragon pt.1

This week I’ll be doing something a little different. For a few weeks now I’ve been working on a project so instead of doing a DIY or a baking Blog I thought I would share my progress with you.
The project I have is to make a model Dragon Head, So I hope you’ll join me this week to follow my process of making it and find it as fun as I have!
I will also say the process of making this is pretty similar to my Halloween blog when I made a zombie hand, I’ll leave a link to that here if you’re interested in trying it

Starting it I always focus on getting the shape right because using the newspaper it can be pretty difficult to change the shape once you’ve set it.
It’s definitely best to split it into sections that way you can put more detail into each piece. It’s really simple to connect each section you can use whatever you like, I usually just use normal tape to secure it in place because it’ll be getting covered with more newspaper so you won’t see it in the end and it’s really quick to hold it compared to superglue.
As you can see through the progress photo once I’ve made the main face structure I went on to make the smaller details such as horns or spikes, then again securing them with tape.
Once i was happy with the main structure I started layering newspaper to hide any tape and just secure it all together to make the one structure. Then once I was happy that it was secure enough I then move onto using tissue (I love the texture it gives once its dry, and it works really well). I started adding other details onto the face such as the eye sockets, nostrils and teeth.
Making a dragon

In the second images I’ve just went round securing everything with tissue and adding more details. Differently from my last dragon model and I’m making individual scales for this one, I won’t lie it took me a long time doing this and It was a long process but it was worth it in the end. I took breaks in between making the scales and added other features on like the eyeball then some gums and other details.

Making a dragon 1

So from these images I’d say it was roughly 2 weeks of work, with waiting for things to dry and having a few days break it did take me quite a bit of time and I haven’t 100% finished adding on the scales so there’s still quite a bit to do.

Hope you enjoyed this, I’ll be back with a part 2 of this where you’ll get to see the end result!!
See you then!



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