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String Easter Eggs

For the second Easter Blog of the week I’ll be making String Easter eggs that I’ve seen online a lot and I just had to give them a try, they’re so cute!


You will need:

  • Small Easter themed sweets
  • Small Balloons
  • Wool or string ( I used wool because it was thicker)
  • Mod podge



  1. Take a few of the small sweets and put them inside the balloon. It’s a bit tricky to do it yourself so you might need a hand with it.
  2. Once the sweets are inside the balloon you can blow it up so that it’s roughly the size in the photo.

string eggs 2

  1. Take your coloured wool and cover it in the glue either by dipping it into it or by painting it on. Once you’ve covered the string you can wrap it around the balloon making sure that there aren’t a lot of big gaps that the sweets could fall out. Once you are happy with how it looks leave it overnight to dry.
  1. Take scissors and carefully cut a little part of the balloon near the end to let the air out. Then carefully peel the balloon away from the edges and pull it out of one of the small gaps. You might need to tidy it up slightly if there is glue between the gaps.

String eggs 1

The good thing about these is that you can make them in whatever colour of string you can find or you could even try and make a multi-coloured one! If anyone tries that you’ll need to let me know how it goes . Hope you enjoyed this, see you next time.





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