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Old Drawing

So I’ve been changing up my room and having a clear out when i found one of my old drawings. i remember doing this drawing and being so proud of it, at the time i though it was one of the best things id ever done!

The reason i drew it was for my 4th or 5th year art folio, i just remember thinking that wow a rubix cube would be such an interesting piece to have as a part of my folio and that there would be so much i could do with it. So my 15/ 16 old self proudly taking in this painting to show my teacher only for him to turn around and say nah its not good enough and you’re not putting it in your folio.

But anyway that’s not the point of this post its just that’s the memory i have of this drawing.

So i decided to try and draw it now as a way of seeing if i have improved and i wanted to share the results with you

Rubix cube then and now

Even though my skills have improved a lot from the first drawing, i’m still proud of that first one. The only way you can ever improve on something is by practising and i don’t think my art work is amazing but i will still always be drawing!


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