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Canvas Art

I’ve been wanting to make one of these for quite a while now. Since I see SerendipiDIY’s post about it I just thought it looked so nice and I really liked it. You can check out her post here. 

You will need:

– A blank canvas
– Acrylic paint
– Sponge
– Masking tape/ painters tape



1. Start by placing strips of the tape over the canvas wherever you like pressing them down against the canvas.
2. Put the colour of paints that you want onto a tray and using the sponge dip it into the colours. I used different colours so I just put the sponge in the paint at different sections
3. Sponge the paint onto the canvas, I decided to some purple/blue sections and some orange/red.
4. Once you’ve done that you just have to peel of the tape and you’re done.

canvas art1

My version of this is a lot smaller but I just think that these canvases look so good. It’s a really easy DIY and it doesn’t take many materials to make it. Hope you all enjoyed this Blog!

Dont forget to check out serendipiDIY’s Post !



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