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Gluten free Crepe Cake

Happy pancake Tuesday !!

Since today is pancake Tuesday I thought I would make something special for it. I’ve never made a crepe cake before so it’s not 100% the best but I had fun making it so that’s all that mattered. Also I’m making this Gluten free for my mum, if don’t want it gluten free just change the flour.

For this I had to double my usual crepe recipe which made like 18 or 19 of them, I can’t really remember the exact amount but it made a good sized crepe cake.




  • 400g Gluten Free Plain flour
  • 2 Teaspoons Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 900ml milk
  • 4 eggs


  • Chocolate spread
  • Double cream (roughly a ¼ cup)




  1. Add all the dry crepe ingredients into a bowl and mix them together with a whisk, next add in the milk and eggs whisking until well combined. I had to make up half the mixture at a time because the bowl I had wasn’t big enough so that was easier for me


  1. Put some oil into a pan over a medium to high heat, I used my smaller frying pan to make them. Using a ladle pour some of the mixture into the pan spread it out evenly.
  1. Continue frying your crepes making sure to add extra oil to the pan when needed, which did take some time making all the crepes. Once you’ve made them transfer them to some kitchen roll to absorb some of the oil then allow them to cool completely.



  1. Once they’re cool you can start to decorate them. Before you start you will need to whisk your double cream.
  1. To start the decorating off add chocolate spread over the first crepe then add another on top of that and top it with cream, then again with chocolate, then cream and so on.


If your crepes are still warm it will just start to melt the chocolate and the cream will soak into the crepe so I really recommend allowing time to cool.

But as I said this was so much fun to make and it tasted amazing, I will definitely be adding this one into my recipe book. Hope you all enjoyed it too, see you next time.




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