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A-Z tag

I’ve been nominated for 2 sunshine blogger award and the A to Z tag, i will post the others later on i just want to spread them out a bit. So firstly I’ll be doing the A to Z tag, I was tagged by beautyandtheflawed and the very punny blog you should definitely go and check out their blogs!

Im not 100% sure what to do but I’m just gonna match letters in the alphabet with a word, I think. Well enjoy this little extra post this week


A – Art

B – Baking

C – Creative

D – Dogs (I love dogs so much, my little dog is super cute)

E – Excited

F – Friendly

G – Garnet (my birthstone)

H – High-five (because why not)

I – Intelligence

J – Jokes

K – Kiss

L – Lemon

M – Meditation

N – Nail Varnish

O – Opal (my sisters birthstone)

P – Phoenix (my first tattoo)

Q – Quiet

R – Rainbow

S – Sweets

T – Tattoo (I’m currently planning my next one)

U – Up (such a cute film)

V – Video games (I’m obsessed)

W – Wolves (might be a part of my next tattoo)

X – X-men

Y – Yellow

Z – Zzzzz (I like to sleep a lot)


I’m tagging any of my followers who want to take part.

This was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be but I got there in the end!




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