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Brownie and strawberry skewers

​Hey guys!
So for the second dessert of the week I’ll be showing you a quick and easy strawberry and brownie skewers.

For this since it’s a “quick” recipe I decided to use a brownie mix but if you want to make your own brownies then you can check out my sticky centre brownies post here!

• Brownie mix

• (You will need additional ingredients depending on the brownie mix, I needed 1 egg, vegetable oil, and water.)

• Strawberries

• Wooden Skewers

1. Make up your brownie mix and bake that as instructed to on the box.

2. While you allow the brownie to cool cut your strawberries into large chunks.

3. Then Cut you brownie into chunks, you can be a bit creative with this by cutting your brownies into little heart shapes too.

4. Start putting together your skewers by carefully adding a brownie chunk the strawberry and so on until there is no room left.

You could always add a step by drizzling some white chocolate over your finished skewers to give a bit of added decoration.

So there you go a quick and easy dessert for Valentines day !

Hope you enjoyed this see you next time.



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