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Photo Frame Memo Board

Hey Guys!

Todays blog is a really simple one and the reason I’m actually making this is that I bought 2 pretty cool frames a few months ago and I’ve only used one of them so I had the last one just laying around and wanted to put it to good use.


You will need:

  • Photo Frame
  • White board marker
  • Photo for the background


So all you need to do is remove the back from the frame and put a photo of your choice into the frame and seal it all up again. The other option for the insert is to just put a sheet of coloured or plain white paper into the frame so it’s easier to see the writing. I’ve just used one of my old doodles but then changed it to plain blue because you couldn’t see the writing very well.

Then using your marker you can use it to write important messages that you need to remember or even a memo or to do list to keep you on track.

But really that’s all it takes and I really like my frame so I’m glad I have another way to use it now so it won’t just be lying about.


Hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you for the next one!




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