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DIY Photo Album

Hey guys!

I really wanted to try and make my own photo album but I had no idea how to really go about doing that. But I was out shopping and seen a ring binder which got me thinking about using that, so I thought I would try and find a way to make it using the Ring binder which is how I got here.

I will say it’s not the best looking and I would probably try do some things different, but It holds the photos and does its job


You will need:

  • A4 Ring binder
  • Card
  • Hole punch
  • Poly pockets
  • Double sided tape.



  1. You don’t need to do this step I just wanted the inside of my ring binder to be a different colour so I painted it a lovely purple/blue colour. I also added the word photo album to the front of the binder.
  2. Use the hole punch on the card and inset them into the ring binder.
  3. Cut the poly pockets along every side so that you will now have 2 sheets rather than the one poly pocket.
  4. Using your photo as a size guide cut the poly pocket roughly 1cm larger on each side of the photo except the top.
  5. Next step is to put double sided tape along the 2 sides and the bottom of the poly pocket and then stick that onto the card depending on the position of the photos.
  6. Just keep doing this for the rest of your photos.



That was a pretty simple DIY and it’s easy to get a hold of the materials and things that you need for it.

The thing that I would have done differently is switch out the double sided tape for glue so that it wouldn’t be as noticeable, but I’m not sure how it would work out so I might try it whenever I add in more photos to it


Hope you like this post, see you next time.



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