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DIY plant pot

​I’ve been having a bit of trouble with uploads so im reposting this just because the other one last time didn’t really work. Hopefully this time it’ll work okay 😊!

Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting a little cactus plant for so long and could never get them. But my mum and dad were out and managed to get me not only one cactus but three of them!  So today I’ll be making plant pots for my little cacti.


You will need:

  • Empty Pringle Tubs
  • Spray paint
  • Marker pens
  • Stones
  • Soil
  • Cacti plants


Step 1:

Take your empty Pringle tubs and wearing gloves spray the outside of the tubs whatever colour you chose.

(I recommend letting them dry outside if you can because they will smell out your full house)


Step 2:

Once they are dry take your marker pens and draw some designs onto the tubs.


Step 3:

Before adding soil into your plant pot add some stones to the bottom which helps with drainage. Once you’ve done that you can add in the cactus and fill the tub with soil around the cactus.


Just a warning though planting these hurt! I’d maybe think about getting thick gardening gloves to lift them into the tubs. But apart from that how cute are these! I love them and i’m so happy I finally got them

I hope you liked this DIY, see you next time.




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