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DIY calendar 

Hey guys!

Sorry for the late upload, ive just had a super busy day so this is me just getting a chance to do it, hope you all enjoy :)!

i’ve always wanted to try this and i thought this was a perfect time to do it. Not sure if its just my family but they always buy each other a new calendar at Christmas time for the new year. So it can also make a good little Christmas present !


You will need:
–  7 sheets of A4 card
– string or yarn
– 12 photos
– printed out months
– glue or tape
– pens or pencils to decorate (optional)


1. First you want to print out your months for the calendar and either choose or print 12 photos and then cut everything out to fit the size of the page .

2. Fold all the pieces of A4 card in half and put them all together. Pierce 4 holes into each piece of card as shown in the picture


3. Feed the string through the holes and tie it securely to hold everything together. (i used a needle to help me feed the thread through all the pieces of paper)


5. Stick on your pictures and calendar dates then if you want to you can decorate the page to suit the month.


6. Decorate the front page and then you are finished ! I tried a lot of different writing types and i really liked this one so there we have it :)!


Something i just realised that the only thing i have forgotten to do is to add holes onto it so that it can be hung up on the wall.

But that was a really simple DIY for making your own personalised calendar, and yes of course mine had to be my dog because hes just adorable!

Hope you all enjoyed this Diy and i’ll see you next time,



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