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DIY Friendship Braclets


Hey guys!

I thought that this week I could make some DIY gifts for you. The first one is one that I’ve been seeing for a while and really wanted to give it a go.

I’ll be showing you two different kinds of friendship bracelets, but I will say that making the friendship bracelets is going to be another blog were I really badly describe it so fingers crossed the pictures will help you out too.


Okay so you will need:

  • Tape or a clip (to secure the string)
  • Embroidery Floss/string

(You’ll need 4 colours total, 2 for each bracelet)


So the first bracelet I’ll be showing you is the easier one of the two.

  1. Measure out 2 strands of string of the same colour at 40 inches long and then another of a different colour at 30 inches.
  2. fold the ends of the string over to make a loop and then tie it into a knot as shown, then just trim the ends.
  3. Secure the loop onto a steady surface with tape or you can also use a clipboard.
  4. So the first step is to split the string into sections of 1 and 2 and then 3 on its own (I’ve tried to number the pictures to help)
  5. Put 3 under 1 and 2 then loop it around and through itself again then pull it to the top pulling it tight to secure it.
  6. I did this 5 times then changed it to the different colour by switching strands 1 with 3. Just keep repeating that step changing the colour every 5th
  7. Once you are at the end of that you can then secure that with a knot at the end.


There we now have the first one finished!

For the second type of bracelet:

  1. Cut three strips of purple embroidery string and then one of the cream colour to 40 inches.
  2. Fold each one of the strands in half and gather them together tying a knot near the fold leaving a small loop.
  3. Secure the loop to a surface or use a clipboard to hold it in place. Separate the string into sets of two as you can see in the pictures. To try make it easier to talk through I’ve labelled the purple strands A, B, and C then the cream colour 1.
  4. Okay so first you want to bring C over the top of B and then underneath 1.
  5. Next put A under C and then over 1.
  6. Then you just repeat the steps until you have almost come to the end of the string. You are basically going over then under, then under the over. I’m not gonna lie it is confusing but you get the hang of it after a while.
  7. So once you’re finished you can tie a knot at the end making sure it is secure.



There we have it, two Friendship bracelet one easy the other slightly more difficult but still its manageable. If I could do it anyone could!

I hope you enjoyed this, I’ll see you next time for another gift idea.



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