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Christmas Decoration🎄🎁!

Hey guys!

Christmas is coming and its finally time to decorate, I’m so excited!!


I don’t have much to decorate but I have a big tree for my living room, a medium one for the hall, a little one for my room, and of course the lights for my windows.

I also saw some spray on snow in the shop and I couldn’t resist buying it. I haven’t used it yet because I have no idea what to do with it yet but I’ll think of something and get it done eventually! I want to do something really cool so I need to do my research first :D!

The main things I love about decorating the trees are that it makes everything so much more Christmassy, and I just love decorating it with my family.

I’m just going to show you me decorating my main tree but I’ll show you pictures of the one in my hall too, the little one in my room is so badly shaped so I think we will just pass on that one.

When decorating we have no specific colour scheme or any kind of style so it’s basically just like someone has threw a big bunch of colour onto the tree  which is something I just love about it!

I thankfully don’t need to deal with the stress that is untangling the ball of Christmas lights because a few years ago we got a fibre optic tree. That’s another thing I love about the tree, it can have absolutely nothing on it and still look so pretty.

Okay so onto the decoration. I had 3 bags, 2 full of tinsel and the other full of figurines and baubles! Oh and I should mention that we had a little help with the tree from my puppy (who is not actually a puppy). He was in my arms when we were putting the baubles onto the tree so that counts as helping, right ?

Anyway Decoration is step 1; tinsel and step 2; baubles. It takes longer that it sounds trust me. As you can see in the pictures we have a little robin in a tinsel nest, we’ve had that for as long as I can think back. So that little robin always has his place in our tree. Oh and let’s not forget the angel too.


This picture is my tree in the hall, this one is decorated more with the handmade decorations that my sister and I made or the older figurines we have.



And these are just little extra decorations, I really can’t remember how this started but these Santa hats are actually either for my dog or his teddies. But yeah they’ve ended up being decorations for the ornaments. Then another little thing we do is with extra tinsel we use them to hold our Christmas cards!


Before I go, I know this isn’t really relevant to decorating the tree but I had to show you guys this because it’s super cute. So I was trying to wrap up some presents after decorating the tree and this kept happening. He is just such a curious dog, he is so funny!



P.s His presents were getting wrapped too so he was trying to find them.


Anyway, I hope you all liked todays blog post I had a lot fun decorating the tree and really just preparing for Christmas!


I’ll see you next week for the next one!



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