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Homemade Burgers

Hey guys!

Back this time with yet another favourite of mine, again because it’s quick and tastes great! So we will be making Homemade Burgers. A great thing about these is that you can put whatever filling you like through the burger, for me Bacon and cheese are the best ones.

So for this you will need:


First thing you want to do is prepare by cooking the bacon slices and chopping them up into small pieces, and then cut the cheese into small cubes too.

Add the mince into a large bowl and using a wooden spoon (or a wooden fork in my case) break up the mince so it’s not just one big rectangle of mince.


Next add in your cheese cubes and the bacon pieces and give it all a mix together then add in the egg and mix it so it covers the mince well.

Using your hands grab a handful of mince rolling it into a ball and squashing it flat to create the burger shape.

The good thing about making these, I usually get between 6-8 burgers from this depending on the size, but if you won’t be using them all you can just put them into individual freezer bags and freeze them for up to a month.


Cooking the Burger:

Of course everyone does it differently but for me I toast some buns under the grill and put the burger into a frying pan with a little oil.

Once the buns are toasted I then add some lettuce, and Red onion onto the top half of the bun. Then once the burger is cooked I add that to the bottom bun and top that with tomato ketchup and slices of cheese

And let’s not forget some fries to have as a side.

Its really that simple! I hope you guys enjoyed seeing another one of my favourites, its such a quick and easy dinner or lunch !

I’ll see you all next week for the next ones,




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