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Mac and Cheese


Hey Guys!

So my plan for the rest of November is to do a lot more Food blog posts, that means more meals and even better more desserts and sweet treats!

So to start that off we have a really simple and easy mac and cheese recipe. This is one of my favourites that i make a lot.

so lets get started, for this you will need:




1.Start by placing the macaroni into a pot of salted water and allow to cook.


2.As the macaroni is cooking you can start to prepare the sauce. First melt the butter in a large saucepan over a medium heat, add the flour and stir that to form a roux. Make sure to cook that for a few minutes.

3.Using a whisk add in the milk a little at a time. Allow that to cook for 10 to 15 minutes until the sauce is thick and smooth. While waiting you can turn on the grill.


4.Add ¾ of the cheese into the sauce mixing it well until it has melted into the sauce and remove it from the heat.


5.Once the macaroni is cooked drain it and add it to a large ovenproof dish. Next pour over the sauce and mix until all the macaroni is covered.

6.Sprinkle the leftover cheese over the top of the macaroni and place it under the grill until the cheese is slightly brown.



We are done! I recommend serving it with some garlic bread because it goes amazing with mac and cheese, but again it depends on your preference.

I’m looking forward to doing this months blogs of cooking and baking, its something i really enjoy doing so what better way to get practice at it.

I hope you enjoyed this, i’ll see you soon for the next one.




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