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My trip to Disneyland Paris!

Hey guys!

First off I know my blogs have been a little off with the upload timing but everything will be back to normal next week.


Okay so as you know, I’ve been at Disneyland in Paris from the start of this week, it was a short holiday from Sunday to Wednesday. But wow, what a place to visit, it was amazing!

Honestly one of the best holidays I have had and ever will have. It was unforgettable and something that I would encourage everyone to experience at least once in their lifetime no matter what age you are, because it’s really not just for kids as long as you have a love for Disney then it’s for you. If you’re 14 or 40, no matter what the age its brilliant!


My flight was at 11:15am on Sunday 30th which means I landed at Paris at roughly 2:05pm (there is an hour difference between Scotland and Paris). Once we had our cases the transfers to the hotel were waiting for us and it wasn’t that long of a journey to the hotel. Once we got our rooms and freshened up we decided to head out the Park!! There was a little bit of confusion at first when we were trying to buy our annual pass, it was about half past 5 when we got it all done but after that we got to enjoy the park. Once it was sorted we heard a parade starting so we ran to see that, it was brilliant but after that we just walked around to see where everything was, like having a little tour of the park. When we went for food it was a star wars theme so we got Jedi burger with chips, that was an amazing burger I wasn’t really expecting it to be that good. It really looked the part too and a plus was that there was another show on inside the food court! There is always something to do at Disney which is why it’s such an amazing place. It was a long first day by being awake for an early flight until leaving when the park closed at about 11 at night.

The park was decorated for Halloween which was such a good thing as you don’t see it very often in Scotland.

Star wars themed Jedi burger! how amazing does that look

Second day was by far the best because it was Halloween! During the day we had to quickly stop at the park to pick up our wristbands for the Halloween soiree but then it was straight back to the hotel to fix up the costumes and get ourselves all made up!

Halloween was such an amazing night from 6 o’clock at night the Park was closed to the public and open for the Halloween Soiree. There was so many things that happened that night from queuing up to meet characters, Halloween Parades and shows, and then a party. Absolutely Amazing! That night lasted until 2 in the morning, but really what a night!

Mary Poppins (Rachael), Belle (Becky), Briar Rose Aurora (Natasha),Rapunzel (Jenna), Pocahontas (me)

Here are a few photos of my Pocahontas costume 

Meeting Mickey and Minnie made me so happy! But of course lets not forget Captain Jack Sparrow 

The next morning we were up early to have breakfast at Café Mickey, which is where you get a breakfast buffet as well as getting to meet the characters. That morning the characters we met were mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale.

I had so much fun at Cafe Mickey, You definitely don’t have to be a kid to enjoy it ! 

When the park opened we started the day off by queuing up to meet a few characters the first being Stitch who is one of my absolute favourite characters from Disney and from my childhood and the next was Jack Skellington Who you might remember made an appearance in my pumpkin carving blog!  But after that there was more queuing for parades and visits to the other park so we could get some photos and go to see a show there. It was pretty cold when it got to night so going inside somewhere to get some food was a relief because it gave you a chance to get a bit of a heat too. That night i also met Captain hook, Cinderellas ugly step sisters, and Gaston who loves to pose for a photo! About an hour before the Dreams show at the castle was starting we decided to go on my first ride of the trip which was the buzz lightyear one, it was so much fun but I did get beaten at it by Natasha my score wasn’t the best.

Morning meetings with Stitch and Jack Skellington! 


The amazing girls i went to Disney with Becky, Rachael, Natasha, me, and Jenna

Visit to the Studios Park

Gaston Doing what he does best by posing for photos 

Words can’t describe the Dreams show, it is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is just one of those things that you really need to see with your own eyes to understand how amazing it is, no pictures will ever do it justice.



Then the sad part. Leaving the park and getting ready for my flight home the next morning at 9:45am.

Flight home 

Disney was one of the best experiences in my life and I cannot wait to go back again, I’m glad I got the chance to go there and I wouldn’t change any part of it.


I know this week the blogs have been a little different but I hope you guys have enjoyed having a little change with it, it’s good to actually be able to post something like this because it doesn’t happen very often but i’m glad i got to share it with you guys.


Anyway I will see you next week when all is back to normal,




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