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Halloween costume


Hey guys!

I’m actually posting this from Paris 😁!

Since I wasn’t going to be home today I decided to show you how I made my Halloween costume, im dressing up as Pocahontas this year. The costume is nothing really special but I wanted to share it with you guys.


I didn’t make the costume from scratch, I bought this dress from boohoo for only £8 and then added to it. (


Once the dress was delivered I bought fabric that was a tan colour so there was a contrast from the dress.


  • Using the fabric I bought I cut it to fit around the shape of the neck of the dress and pinned it onto the dress.
  • When I was happy with how it was sitting I just sewed around the neck line joining the fabric to the dress.
  • Once it had been sewed I then marked the length that I wanted the fabric to hang down to just following the v shape of the neck.
  • When I was happy with the length and markings I joined them together and cut along the line. The next thing to do is cut up towards the original neck line.



  • For the next part I turned the dress inside out and pinned the fabric all around the bottom hem of the dress, then again once I was happy with how it sat I sewed it into place. That took me a lot longer to do than it should have. Maybe I should invest in a sewing machine save me doing it by hand.
  • Then again cut strips upward towards the hem of the dress.
  • I also made a belt from the material I had left over adding a button to one end and cutting a slit into the other.



This is how the dress looked.



I’ll be braiding the blue ribbon through my hair and wearing this necklace to match it, I wire wrapped the stone myself and I was going to share the process on here but it was just so difficult to explain it that I couldn’t.


I also bought a dark brown and bag, brown shoes and a tan coloured cardigan so I don’t freeze when I go out at night.



I know this wasn’t my usual blog but i wanted to be able to post something so I hope you liked it, everything will be back to normal next week 😊!

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween, I’ll see you next time!



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