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Pumpkin Carving 💀

Hey Guys!


So Halloween is almost here, how Exciting is that! Also my Disney countdown is down to a few days now, I cannot wait!

Since Halloween is so close I thought it was finally time to carve my pumpkin, I bought it a few weeks ago and I was just waiting for the right time to do it.

I didn’t want to make a normal pumpkin so I thought I would try and make it look like Jack Skellingtons face.


For those who dont know this is Jack Skellingtons face.






  1. First thing that I done was plan out the design I wanted to put on the pumpkin onto paper first, basically just a quick sketch.


  1. So once I was happy with that I decided to just use the pencil to lightly sketch onto the pumpkin, you can’t really see it if you make a mistake just enough so that you can see what you’re going to be carving.



  1. After you are 100% happy with what you’ve drawn onto your pumpkin we can make a start, I didn’t have any carving tools so I just used a small knife. First thing to do is to remove the top of the pumpkin like so.
  1. Now using a spoon or whatever you prefer remove the insides of the pumpkin until there is nothing left inside it.


  1. Once all the insides are removed you can start to carve out your design into the pumpkin. It’s best to just take your time when carving because It is really easy to make a mistake, I made a few at the eyes but thankfully I managed to fix it okay.
  1. After carving it’s time to add in that candle and light it up.


Im so happy with how this turned out!

Sadly we are coming to the end of Halloween October, I can honestly say this has been super fun and I’ve loved every part of it, and hopefully there will be many more Halloweens to come for the blog. I just want to thank all of you for your support lately, I’m so grateful!


I’ll see you next time,




3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Carving 💀

    1. Thank you !
      Really? I wouldn’t say its celebrated in Scotland as much as other countries but there is still the odd decoration here and there, I think it depends where you are 🙂

      I would love to see it if you decide to make it as a Christmas decoration 😁!

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