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Zombie Hand DIY

Hey guys!

This was one of the most fun projects I’ve done so far. Its super easy to make and it makes a really cool Halloween decoration!

This is going to be another tricky one to describe to you guys because a lot of the time I just went with it to see how it turned out. Honestly there isn’t really a set of instructions for it, make it look how you want to!

But I’ll do my best to give you a walk through of the process I went through making mine.





  1. Take a sheet of newspaper and crumple it into an oval like shape that will fit the size of the top of the palm of your hand(shown in the picture as part 1). Once you’re happy with the shape you can use the masking tape to hold the shape together.

Little warning, you will use a lot of Masking tape for this project.

  1. Make two smaller shapes that will fit onto the bottom of your palm (shown in the Picture as part 2 and 3) and again once you are happy with them secure it with masking tape.


  1. Roll a long thin piece of newspaper and fold it half, this will act as the skeletal part of the finger. You just want to add small parts to it a little at a time until it resembles a finger. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly like it, it’s basically just a rough shape that you’re going for because you will be adding more layers to it.
  1. Repeat the last step for all the other fingers just changing the sizes until you are happy with how they look.


  1. Next make a part for the wrist again just add to it until you are happy with the size and shape of it.


  1. Start joining all the pieces together starting with the palm of the hand and then secure that with masking tape. Once you have done that you can then attach that part to the wrist and secure it with masking tape. If its slightly off shape then you can always squash it a little to try reshape it.
  1. Next add all the fingers onto the hand you have made using again more masking tape. Once you have done this you will have the structure of the hand but it will look a little messy, don’t worry because it does get better.
  1. Now we move onto the messy part, for this I wore gloves because I really didn’t want to be picking glue off of my hands for hours. So start by tearing strips of newspaper just to make it easier for you.


  1. Spread glue to the hand with the paint brush adding newspaper onto that with another layer of glue onto that. I recommend putting extra newspaper around the joints just to add more support.


  1. All you do is cover the entire hand in newspaper with glue on top of that. I ended up doing two layers of newspaper just to make it a bit more solid. I left it overnight to dry.
  1. Next I just repeated that last step but instead of using newspaper I used tissues, this gives the hand a bit of texture to it to make it look a little more zombie like. I had to do three coats of the tissue and glue until I was happy with how it looked.



  1. Now for the fun part! Painting it. I decided to paint the hand a green colour so that it looked less human and more zombie. So using a sponge I painted the hand using the green paint first. I’m using a sponge to add a little more texture to the hand.
  1. After covering the whole hand in green I used the brown paint to add a bit of bruising to the hand.
  1. Using a paintbrush I added a few little scars and scratches to the hand with the red paint, I also painted the end of the wrist with red so it would look more like the hand had been removed from the arm (I know its disgusting but hey its Halloween!)


This is our finished product!

All in all it took me about four or five days to make this but I was only spending nights doing this really so it could be made a little quicker than that but drying time holds you back.

It was such a fun project to make, I really enjoy doing this type of project!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this one,  I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next week.




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