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Birthday Blog Part 2

Hi guys!

For part 2 of the birthday blog the second gift that i gave my sister was decorated glasses. for this all i had to do was buy some glass paint online and buy some champagne flutes and I was ready to go.



These are really simple to do and are really great decorative pieces for special occasions.

According to the Packaging on the glass paint once its dry can be washed without it coming off and ruining the design but I’m not 100% sure if it will actually work or not.


There is really only the one step to this DIY and that is be creative.

Put whatever design you like onto the glass, I’ll talk you through the designs I chose just to show how I done it.



  1. The first step is getting everything prepared, I got a water dish to rinse the brushes and a dish to put the paint in and I was ready to start.


  1. I wanted to do a really wacky design because I wanted one of the glasses to be different. So start by painting stripes in one colour all the way down to the bottom of the glass leaving space for another colour in between like so.


  1. Next thing I done was paint the black outline which I should have done first but I completely forgot about that, oops.


  1. Then lastly I just added on more stripes in the other colour once the black had dried and then that was one glass finished.



I also did something on one of the other glasses that was pretty cool looking. I basically just spiralled up the stem of the glass but it made it look pretty impressive in my opinion. This is how it looked:


I done 4 glasses in total, one was decorated with the number 25 because that’s how old my sister was and then the other one I just painted on some balloons

This is what all the glasses looked like together once I was finished.


Okay so its been a few days after making these glasses and i have given them to my sister (She loved them), but she did try use them and it didn’t really go well. thankfully she washed them before actually putting anything in the glass because what happened, all the paint came off in the water… i was not amused. painting the glasses took me quite a while and the water just washed away the paint.

so after reading the instructions for the paint it just says that the outline should be painted on first and left for an hour to dry, this is what i didn’t do.

it also said the coloured paint should be left to dry a whole day before use but i had the glasses wrapped up in their packaging so they should have been okay.

Honestly i don’t know if it was just cheap paint i bought or if i did something wrong but i got the glasses back and i’m going to try them again to see if i can fix the problem so wish me luck with that one!

I guess this was an unsuccessful post but don’t worry i’ll keep working on it.


I’ll see you tomorrow for the last birthday blog which is the cake!




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