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Sisters Birthday Part 1

Hey guys!

This week’s the blog will be a bit different. The first thing is that I’ve done up the blog and changed things about a little, I hope you all like it!

But the other differences will be that this week will have 3 posts instead of just the 2 and the reason for that is that it was my big sisters birthday on Saturday 1st. She turned a big 25 so the next two posts will be her presents that I made and then the last one will be her birthday cake.

P.s I did actually buy her presents too, I didn’t just make them.

Okay so the First gift I made her was a Photograph wall hanging. I thought this would be a great way to look back at our friendship from the start to the present.

This is such a simple project to make and I absolutely love how it turned out.


So you will need:




  1. Plan out your design to roughly get the amount of photos you will need, the size of the photos and the length of the string between them.


  1. Next thing you want to do is choose the photos that you want to use, its a great excuse to get out the old photo albums. Once you’re happy with the photos you can resize them too fit whatever size you have chosen.


  1. Print out your photos and either using scissors or a scalpel carefully cut them out (please excuse the photo of a 16 year old me, little bit embarrassing). At the top and bottom of the photograph, in the centre using a scalpel mark a small cross to create the hole for the wool or string to go through.



  1. Measure your wool or string to the length you have decided on and cut it an inch more so you have plenty of space when you’re tying the knot to join the photographs together.


  1. Tie the photos together with the string securing them with a double knot. Once you have all three photos joined and the 3 columns done the next step is to join them to the wooden dowel by tying them around it.



  1. Last but not least tie some string or wool around the dowel so that you can hang it on the wall and that’s you finished!


My sister absolutely loved the photo wall hanging so I recommend making this for a family or friends gift.

I hope you liked this first of three blog posts

I’ll see you soon for part 2




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