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Craft Ribbon Coasters


Hi guys!

So this is the second of this weeks easy but functional projects.

These coasters are made from a craft paper material and they still look really great and you honestly wouldn’t think that it is paper when they are all finished.

Okay so lets get started,

for this you will need :

  • Craft ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Mod podge
  • Cocktail stick (not necessary)



Step 1:

You can start off the coaster by using the cocktail stick or something round to wrap the craft ribbon around it. Even when you remove the object from the centre the craft ribbon will have taken the shape of the object so it will be easier for you to start it off.


Step 2:

Once you have the wrap started you just want to continue that gluing it in place at every now and then so that it will keep its shape.  You just keep wrapping it around until you’re happy with the size of it.


Step 3:

Once you are happy with it you can use your glue gun to add a grip onto the underside of the coaster by adding extra glue, this will also help to hold it all together. The last step is to take the mod podge glue and paint it over the top of the coaster, this will give it a better finish and make it more secure for the cup to sit on. It really is that easy.


You can make them in any colour or anyway that you like. I tried making one going from red to orange to the yellow. They look really cool and you wouldn’t think that they are made from craft ribbon.



So there we have it a super easy but functional Diy Project. i hope you guys enjoyed this and i will see you next week for more,



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