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DIY Dreamcatcher

Hey guys !


So when I was in town the other week I saw this make your own dreamcatcher kit and I just had to buy it. I absolutely love dreamcatchers so I was super excited to make this and see how it turned out.


This was the pack that the kit came in:


And this is the pack all opened up.


it came with a metal hoop, a bull charm, 3 different kind of beads, white string, brown material, and Feathers.

So I had a problem with this kit…the instructions.


As you can see they had absolutely no writing, just pictures but honestly the pictures weren’t that clear either but not to worry I got there in the end. Eventually.


This is a pretty hard project to write instructions for but I’ll do my best for you guys.

Okay let’s get started,


Step 1:

First thing you do is take some of the brown fabric material and start wrapping it around the metal hoop until it is fully covered. When I got to the end I just tied the fabric in a small knot to stop it from unravelling. Although you can see the knot, it will be covered at a later point.


Step 2:

The next step is to get the white string and tie it in a knot around the covered hoop to start. This part took me the longest because every time I done it I decided that I didn’t like it so I took it all out and started it again


The best way I can describe this part is to wrap the string loosely around the hoop and then feed the string back through the gap to secure it more. Just continue this until you get back to the start then you start looping it through the first set of loops that you have made. But you can also add beads throughout the second row like I have. This part is trial and error, you might try it and be able to get it sitting better than i have but this was the best i could get and i was pretty happy with it.

Here are some pictures to see if they might help you with the description a bit more.


Once I got to the centre of the hoop I added the bull charm and it looked like this.


Step 3:

Take another strip of the brown fabric and tie the two ends together in a knot. Once you’ve done this you want to attach this at the point where you knotted the fabric around the hoop, you do this by putting the fabric through the loops you made and then feeding the knotted end through the other end.

Again ill show pictures to try help explain it more.


Step 4:

Plug in your glue gun for this part to give it time to heat up.

you’ll need three strips of the brown fabric because we’ll be needing them for decorating our dreamcatcher with beads and feathers.

So, start gluing a few of the feathers into the centre of the bead and once you have done that tie a double knot in the end of the first bit of fabric and add the feather bead onto it. Once you’ve added the feathers you can add the other type of beads onto the fabric. You can add as much or as little as you like but once you’ve finished the first one you can do the same for the other two.


Last but not least tie the three fabric pieces onto the main hoop and that is you finished.



I’m just going to apologise for this project. It was so difficult to give instructions for it. I hope you were able to understand this because it was such a fun project to make. I think it turned out pretty well for my lack of instructions.



I hope you guys enjoyed this project.

I’ll see you next week for more,




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