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Storage Container made from Hama Beads

Hey Guys!


I was having a clear out in my room and I came across my old Hama beads. I loved these so much, when I was younger they could keep me occupied for hours. When I found them I really wanted to make something for the blog with them and that’s where this project came from!


A little warning before starting don’t have your iron too high because you might melt the board (like I’ve already done) and it makes it pretty difficult to place and remove the beads.

Okay let’s get started!


Step 1:

The first thing I done (Which took hours) was sort the beads into their colours. I’ll be honest this was the worst part for me but it made it easy for me in the long run, of course you don’t actually have to do this it just helps a lot if they are all organised.


Step 2:

Decide on the design and the colour that you want to make your container. I really couldn’t decide on one colour so I just made it a rainbow. I recommend having a pair or tweezers or something similar close by because if you make a mistake it difficult to fix it without ruining the design, maybe it’s just me being too clumsy but I found it quite difficult.


Step 3:

Once you are happy with the layout of your beads the next thing you do is put the sheet of paper (which you get with the hama beads) over the top of your design and iron over the top of it until the beads melt together, remember not too long or you’ll melt the board.

You want to make 8 side panels for this, I had 7 matching ones then one with a different design (I only did this because my pattern didn’t match up). Once you have 8 panels for the side you want to make an octagon shaped base.

I had to do this a half at a time because the board I was using wasn’t big enough.  So that turned out like this.


Step 4:

The last step is to glue everything together using a hot glue gun.

Start by gluing the base together (if you have to) and once you have the base you can add on a side at a time filling any of the side gaps with the glue, this will just make the structure of it more secure.


Then fill your container with whatever you want. I chose to make mine into a sweets container!


So this project is super simple and easy to make. Also if you’re interested in making this and don’t have the Hama beads you can buy a tub of them for about £10 from amazon


Hope you guys enjoyed this,

See you for the next one!




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