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Wool Jewellery Box

Hey guys.

This week I saw this really cool idea so I thought I would give it a try for you. I know this didn’t turned out to be the best project but I hope you like it.

For this you will need:

  • Hot glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard
  • Ice lolly sticks
  • Wool (colour of your choice)
  • Tooth picks/ cocktail sticks
  • Paint (optional)


Lets get started:


  1. First thing to do Is have a think about the size that you want your jewellery box to be , I went for these sizes here:


  1. Now draw out your shape in the sizes you have chosen onto the cardboard and then use a scalpel to cut it out. You should have two of these one for the base and the other for the lid, keep in mind it doesn’t actually have to be a square or rectangular shape. You could make the design anything you like.


  1. Once you have them, mark out the placement of the cocktail sticks so you can space them out as much as you like.
  1. Take your cocktail sticks and cut them to the correct size (this is also whatever size you chose it to be). Once they are cut to size they can be glued down to the spots that you have marked on the cardboard.


Tip: I cut the cocktail sticks that are joined to the lid part half the size of the ones joined to the base.

  1. Once the sticks have been glued into place the next thing you can do is paint both the lid and base part. This step is optional as you can always leave the cardboard as it is and cover it later with extra wool.



  1. Once the paint is dry we can make a start with the wool. You want to start by looping the wool of your choice around the corner cocktail stick and tying it around it. Once you’ve done that and it is secure you can start weaving the wool through the sticks like so


  1. Just continue doing this until you reach the top then tie it around the end and do the same to the base. If you want to switch colour half way through then just tie the end of the first piece of wool to the stick then get your new colour and loop it through the first colour (as shown in the picture below) and then tie that to join the colours together. Now continue with the weaving until you are finished.


  1. Once I had reached the end I didn’t want the wool to slip off of the end of the sticks so I added a small amount of glue to each end


  1. The next step is joining the base to the lid. For this I got two ice-lolly sticks and wrapped them in the wool so that they were fully covered. Once they were both fully covered I then joined the two together using the wool, don’t tie it too tight because you want to allow it some space to move.


  1. To join the sticks to the base I added glue to the one side and stuck it to the inside edge of the base. Once that glue had dried I repeated it to the other stick and the inside of the lid. It will now be able to open and close, the only issue is that it won’t stay open.


  1. Once I had done this I decided to add a handle to the box. To do this I just braided together 3 strands of the wool tying knots in each end, using the wool hanging from the end of the knots I securely tied the handle onto the inside of the woven wool.


  1. This was going to be the end of the tutorial here but I decided I didn’t like the plain black for the top of the lid so I decided to use some more of the wool and the glue gun to add a pattern onto the lid. Once I had done this it made the box look much better than the original way of the plain black top.



This is the final look of the box. If you wanted to you could add more cardboard to the inside to separate your jewellery more. You can personalise it as you please.


Well I hope you enjoyed this project.

See you for the next one,




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