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Glue Gun Watercolour

Hey guys!


I saw this idea while scrolling through the internet and I loved the look of it so I wanted to give it a go and see how I got on.

It was a simple project to do but it looks good and honestly it’s hard to really mess it up.

I done this on watercolour paper but you can do this on a canvas if you prefer, if I was to go back and redo it then I would choose to use a canvas.


I’ll just get started with it to show you the process.


  1. So the first thing you want to do is draw the design or pattern that you want lightly in pencil, this is what I chose, just a simple flower.

While you are doing this you should plug in your hot glue gun if it takes a while to heat up like mine does.

  1. Once you’ve finished the drawing you can rub out the lines a little if you think they are too dark. But the next step is to take your hot glue gun and redraw the lines. I found that drawing it slower made the lines bumpy so it may be worth having a practice run first so you can get used to how it will work. I will say that if there are any smudges of glue in the parts you want painted then the paint will not go over the glue so you should take care when outlining with the glue gun.

The problem I had once I was finished drawing the image out fully I noticed that the glue was stringy in between the lines. I don’t know if anyone else’s glue gun does this or if it’s just mine. So if this doesn’t happen then you can skip this part and go to the next.

  1. But as you can see there was quite a lot of stringy glue on my paper and it would have gotten in the way so in order to try clean it up I used my scalpel to carefully cut off the excess glue.


  1. Once that’s done you can unplug your glue gun because the main part of this project is done. Next thing to do is grab whatever paint you want to use and start colouring the picture bit by bit


I’ve just started watercolour painting again in the last few months so I just want to say it isn’t anything special, but I think it turned out pretty good


In my opinion the glue outline just adds to the painting to make it stand out so much more.

Well that was it, I just really wanted to try it when I saw it.

I hope you enjoyed this project!


I’ll see you during the week for more,



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